Martial Art makes you confident and powerful from within and outside - Shivananda, Martial Art Champion

From the Indus Valley Civilization till the modern time, India has witnessed various forms of Martial arts and learned teachers. In this blog, Shivananda, a Martial artist’s inspiring and commendable journey is portrayed.

It is an inspiring story of a young lad Shivanand, 28 years old who is exuberant and quick-witted helping the nation in training the young people in Martial Art. His students have won medals in state, national, South Asian, and Commonwealth Championships.

He was learning karate since his childhood. He has won various medals in state, national, South Asian, and Commonwealth Karate Championships many national and state medals. He got scholarships from the state and centre governments.

We blame government and believe they are resonsbile for everything. But, I believe as a citizen we should learn self defense and protect ourselves and others. Everyone must be physically and mentally strong

Shivanand’s dream is to see students win medals in Asian and World Championships. He requests the government to support the young talent who can will many medals for the country.

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