“Log mujhe langda kahke bulate hai. Mera naam bhi hai. Log ye bhul jaate hai ki ye kisi ke saath bhi po sakta hai. Langde hum nahi unki soch hai.”

Ashok Kumar, Founder of Adarsh Kaushal Vikas Foundation

Ashok Kumar, 28 years old is a founder of an NGO Adarsh Kaushal Vikas Foundation is helping hundreds of disabled. He could understand the plight of the disabled as he is one of them. However, his journey and his enthusiasm for living life make him a real hero.

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar tells how his journey has been full of thorns and spikes. He was not supported by his family. His friends used to make fun of him. Everyone used to believe that he would not able to do anything. He was brought up at his Nani’s place.

“Sab log mera majaak udate the. Bahut logo ne mera fayda uthaya. But mujhe pata tha mujhe life mai kisi pe depend nahi rahna hai. Meri family mujhe bojh samjte the but mai unhe bojh samjhta hu mere liye.”

Ashok is running an NGO for disabled people and help them in sustaining their lives. He is a dancer and actor too. He runs a small shop and lives with dignity.

He has won various awards such as Subash Chanda Award, Vande Matram Award, and he has been invited as chief guest in various programs. He is an inspiration for thousands of disabled who are made believe that they are incapable.

How Ashok is evolved from feeling of incapable to a man living with dignity

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