Nilay Agarwal, 28 years old who was born in Lucknow is the founder of Vishalakshi Foundation. This foundation was founded in Jan. 2019 when Nilay was merely 26 years old. Currently, he is working in ‘Google India’ in Delhi.

Vishalakshi foundation runs various projects such as the ‘Hunger Project’, ‘CNG Project’, ‘Dream Slum Project’. It helps children of slums and underprivileged people. Its mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty from India.

Nilay Agarwal

7000 people die every day due to hunger. 20 crore people sleeping hungry every day. My mission is that no one should sleep empty stomach. I don’t know how much impact we would able to bring. However, we have fed more than 3 lakh people in the span of two years.

In the beginning, it was difficult for Nilay. People used to make fun of him. They did not believe that he would be able to do it. But, it was his determination that the Vishalakshi foundation has 3000 volunteers and this organization is working in 11 cities of India.

This foundation is awarded by Anandiben Patel, Governor of UP for their selfless contribution to the society. Other than these, they are organizing various projects of cleaning India in various cities of India.

This foundation is providing education to the children of slums. Initially, they started a school where fifty-eight students used to get an education. Now, they are running four schools with the name ‘Dream School’ for the children of various slums of India.

The team of Vishalakshi Foundation

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