People make my fun and say “kya pure din janavaro ke piche padi rahti ho.” However, it did not stop me. From last five years, I do not have any social life. My most of the time spends on the streets. But, I get a sound sleep every night because I know “aaj mere bacche kachre mai muh nahi daalenge.”

Ayushi Sharma, founder of Furry Angels

Ayushi Sharma, a 23 years old girl from Gurugram is feeding more than 100 street dogs daily. She calls herself a mother of these dogs. She has become the voice of voiceless animals. She is the founder of Furry Angels which saves the animals and takes their responsibilities.

Ayushi Sharma

In Ayushi’s family, everyone is an animal lover. In her childhood days, she used to accompany her grandfather who always used to feed animals whenever they see them, especially dogs. Her love for animals is inculcated by her family.

For the past five years, she had almost no social life, and the sacrifices made have been countless. But she knows that they are all worth it, as till date over 200 dogs have been vaccinated, 150+ sterilized or neutered, rescued over 100 puppies, and found good homes for over 25 puppies.

I have realized that mother earth has blessed us with everything we need to live a happy comfortable life and also give us the responsibility to look after the voiceless. Along with my passion and love for animals, I have taken it as my responsibility to take care of all the animals and birds I meet in my life.

Her Organisation Furry Angels

  • Feeding of more than 100+ street homeless dogs in Gurgaon sector 50 and 51
  • Sterilisation of street dogs every month
  • Vaccinations for new born puppies on the streets to prevent them from different kind of fatal diseases.
  • Rabies vaccination drive for adult dogs
  • Deworming drives for every dog alternate month
  • Reflective Collar drives Every month
  • Rescuing abandoned dogs and rehoming them every alternate month
  • Rescuing Dogs from various diseases and getting them treated every alternate day
  • Medical treatment for fracture and other injury street animal gets from road accidents.
  • adoption for Homeless puppies born on the streets
  • feeding more than 30 streets cows every week
  • Feeding birds and cats every day

People like Ayushi and other real heroes make us believe that humanity is above everything. We salute the parents of Ayushi who never tried to cut the wings of their daughter. We need more people like her who could become the voice of the voiceless.

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