In times where small instructor-led classrooms tend to be the exception, electronic learning solutions can offer more collaboration and interaction with experts and peers, as well as a higher success rate than the live alternative.

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In today’s times where all the information is available on the digital platform. Especially during the pandemic, people began to share their knowledge, information, talents, and other skills through various online platforms. Do we really think that it is a boom for us?

Rushi Sheth, an owner of an IT company believes that there should always be two-way learning. He was born in Ahemdabad and settled in Pune, Maharashtra. He did his Master in Mechanical Engineering from the UK In 2004. He founded an online platform “” which is the world’s first-ever non-profit collaborative platform.

How did the Idea of “” Originate?

One day, Rushi asked his team to get more information and do more courses from online sources. But, his team did not find any online platform which could work on two-way learning.

Most of the online platforms work on one-way learning like pre-recorded sessions where participants have to listen. While in live training sessions, trainees not only talk to trainers but also to other participants. Thus, this idea of originate which live sessions provide a two-way learning program.

How Does it Work?

The key purpose of this online platform is to conduct the two-way interactive program. It works on three pillars.

  • Collaborative Platform
  • Accreditation Platform
  • Crowdsourcing Platform

It is a non-profit digital platform. We do not charge anything but if a trainer demands, we ask for a nominal amount to pay. However, most of the sessions are free and anyone can access them.

Rushi Sheth, founder of

This platform has conducted more than 159 sessions, 381 trainers have given contributions, and more than 3000 trainees have used this platform in only four months.

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Why Should You Choose

Rushi Sheth

If you are interested to join FREE Learning Sessions, the will help you to learn and grow. This online platform has conducted various sessions on Health, Yoga, Mindfulness, Finance Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Develpoment, Personality Development, Art, Fun for Kids, and many more. These sessions are taken by experts who are well recognized and celebrated in their fields.


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