It is important to know what we are passionate about. 24 years old girl, Raashika Kulshreshtha‘s journey is a magnificent example who followed her dream and now cherishing what she thought for herself.

Raashika is a Chef, Food Stylist, Recipe Creator, Menu Planner, Entrepreneur, & Consultant. She has worked in JW Marriott in Mumbai. Currently, she is working in Imperfecto Restaurants in Delhi which has various branches. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a restaurant called Shubh Rasoi.

Raashika Kulshreshtha

She is born and brought up in Delhi. She had to travel to many places due to her father’s transferred job. She has worked in JW Marriott Mumbai and other hotels and restaurants.

Her passion for cooking was generated when she was merely four years old. She learned it from her mother and her father who is also a great cook.

My parents wanted me to pursue other careers but cooking always has been my favourite. I am fortunate that I followed my dreams. Now, my parents are happy and proud. My sister, Kanika has always been a huge support and motivator.

Certificate for being Super Woman in her work

Cooking always keeps me positive. In my boards of 10th and 12th, I used to cook and invent new recipes which used to help me to get rid of my exam pressure.

Making a career in hospitality is not a piece of cake especially for women. I had 22 female batch-mates in which only a few girls continued. You need to sacrifice so many things. Sometimes, people don’t take seriously you because you are a woman. There was a time when I used to cry at the end of the day but I knew what I want.

My mentor told me why do you want to prove to others. Prove yourself. Justify your work, learning, and experiences. That advice changed my life

Shubh Rasoi: Raashika’s Startup

During Pandemic, she opened her food venture “Shubh Rasoi” to provide food at a very minimum cost. It provides food delivery, workshops on culinary arts, and many others. Raashika’s passion for food and her continuous achievements become an inspiration for thousands of people.

Raashika’s Message

Raashika’s journey of life is the inspiration for those people who leave their passion. She asks people not to give up on their dreams, follow them and, cherish them.

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