We always see our mothers as ideal women who always sacrificed their happiness for the sake of their children. We always keep our mothers on pedestal and consider them equal to gods and goddesses. However, sometime we tend to forget that they too are human.

Tanvi Talwar Kaushal, a mom blogger is breaking the stereotypes that a mother is always a woman of sacrifice. She focuses on how society does not talk about what a mother feel but they talk about how a mother should feel.

Tanvi Talwar Kaushal

Tanvi was born in Chandigarh in a joint family. She learnt the value of education through her parents. She is a lawyer and has worked in High Court. She is an ambitious girl who believes that every person especially women must have their own identity.

Turning Point of Her Life

Once Tanvi became a mother, she realized that motherhood is not always a bed of roses and how most people only share the rosy picture of motherhood, while simply ignoring the hardships that come along with becoming a mom. She highlights in her blog, the raw, real and candid journey of motherhood.

People always mention how beautiful motherhood is and how wonderful it is to be a parent. There is pressure on new moms to be a certain way, to behave a certain way and to react a certain way. No one wants to talk about the difficult and ugly version of it. The post-partum depression, the healing, the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed, confused and stressed; the imbalance of relationships and so much more

Tanvi has experienced postpartum depression herself. In her blogs, she writes how a mother feels when she goes through identity issues, thyroid, mom rage, anxiety, relationship changes, support issues, issues of not being good enough; and many other things. She stresses on the point that it’s ok to be imperfect and real; it’s normal to be human and have meltdowns; it’s normal to want and expect help.

Tanvi with her son

Tanvi’s Blogs “Parent Notes”

She explains how a new mother is supposed to be happy all the time. To not pay attention to their issues and to do things that are best only for the baby. To ignore themselves completely; be it hormonal issues or support issues. Our mothers have been like that. But now times have changed. It’s alright to discuss issues and expect your husbands to be supportive. It’s ok to be yourself; imperfect and real.

Tanvi says that it is fine to be confused. It is natural if you get irritate. She says “there will be good, bad, great and horrible days. It’s ok to have a bad day. It’s difficult to accept it sometimes but things do get better. All you have to do is keep going.”.

Tanvi’s Message to Mothers

Tanvi is not a psychiatrist but her experiences of life and her blog and consultancy is helping so many people. The team of If They Can You Can congratulates Tanvi for inspiring and motivating other people.

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