I wonder why all social organizations work separately. We should come to one platform and work together for the betterment of the society and country.

Kaushaki Sondhi

In today’s time, when there are various organizations which are effortlessly working but few of them are not recognized, and some of them are working for limited areas and restricted themselves to limited people.

Kaushaki Sondhi, Vice President of state of Women Empowerment ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE connects various organizations to each other so that they could work together. Currently, she is connected with ten NGOs and few of them are international organizations.

Kaushaki Sondhi

Kaushaki Sondhi was born in Agra (UP), India. She belongs to a joint family where valuable learning was instilled into her. She had done B.com, B.ED, MBA in finance and her further education is from Hong Kong . She got married in 2013 and stayed in USA for two years.

In USA, I observed that every women is independent and taking decision of their own lives. I wanted to bring these changes in my country too. Thus, I joined ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE.

#INNOVATIVEINDIA: Kaushaki’s Mission of Connecting People

#INNOVATIVEINDIA is Kaushaki’s project wherein she created a platform for various NGOs. Currently, she has connected ten NGOs with each other. She focuses on social issues especially free education. She conducts various webinars with the professors, businessmen to discuss how education, and progress is important for the development of the country.

#INNOVATIVEINDIA is not an NGO. I am not even earning a single penny from it. I want to help people. I always used to feel emptiness inside me. But, through this work, I am satisfying my soul.

Kaushaki Sondhi was an excellent teacher. She was a also awarded as the best teacher of her school. Recently, she resigned so that she could pay more attention to her work #INNOVATIVEINDIA. She believes that Free Education is must because education can bring the change and can turn our country from being developing to developed country.

Her dedication towards her social work made her win various achievements. She has won many awards and recognition. Her journey of life sets an example for such people who keep themselves busy in their works by making excuses of time.

Kaushaki Sondhi’s Achievements

She is also the editor and board of advisory of National Council and News Broadcasting of News. We need more powerful women like Kaushaki to strengthen the progress of the society and country. The team of If They Can You Can congratulates you.

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