I took an oath that I would be barefoot, would not go to home, eat once in a day, would not buy any new clothes, and would live the life like a saint until I plant one lakh 15 thousand tress. But, In three and half years, I planted 12 lakhs 62 thousand tress.

Rakesh Mishra, Founder & CEO (Naya Sawera NGO & India’s Youth Story)

Generally, we live and spend money for us and our dear ones. We look around and complain about certain issues: corruption, global warming, animals, water crisis, and others but do we really do anything except grumbling?

Fortunately, there are few people who believe in giving and working for the society and environment. Rakesh Mishra is one of them. He is thirty-three years old and belongs to Virat Nagar, Rajasthan. He is the founder of Naya Sawera NGO which works for environment, animals, old people, and under-privileged.

Rakesh Mishra

Since 2008, Rakesh Mishra is continuously working for the welfare of the society. His grand father Rameshwar Prasad Mishra, a govt. officer was a great social worker, thus, his life hugely influenced Rakesh and his brother Aadesh Mishra.

Naya Sawera Ngo

He is the founder of Naya Sawera Ngo. He has worked for social issues like women empowerment, save the child but one day when he saw few women cutting the trees changed his perspective. He started working for the environment and currently, it is one of major areas of work of his NGO.

One day, he took an oath of planting One lakh fifteen thousands trees. He went to Sikkim, Nepal, Manipur, and other cities where he planted 12 lakhs sixty-two thousands trees. He sold his valuable things too, but without a single trace of guilt.

Other than his love for nature, he is working for the safety of animals. He has opened a hospital, shelters for animals. currently, he has more than 300 cows in his shelter. He has cremated 200 cows who die due to the consumption of plastics. He has

Log gaayo ko roti to de dete hai but use plastic bags mai daal ke dete hai. Unhe thode plastic bags kholna aata hai. Unhe to bas khana dikhta hai. (People give breads to cows but wrap it in plastic bags. They do not know how to open it. They just could see the food inside)

India’s Youth Story

Rakesh Mishra is the founder of India’s Youth Story wherein he has taken more than 700 interviews of real heroes. He is working invisibly while he is giving recognition to others who are working for the upliftment of the society.

I do not want to marry. I have dedicated my whole life in working for the humanity. I never charged a single penny from anyone. I do not think that any girl would like to marry a man like me.

One Blog on Rakesh Mishra will not be enough. For his work, he has been awarded with National Young Achievement Award. He has done outstanding work and continuously doing for the society and for the sake of humanity. It is difficult to find such a humble and great soul. Thank You Mr. Rakesh Sharma for sharing your story with If They Can You Can.

Rakesh Mishra Captured in news and Magazines

I want to make various nurseries where people could come and take plants without any costs. I want to build hospitals for animals where they could get free treatment. I want to support each and every person who is working for the humanity. Come and make a chain so that we can save the world and save the nature.

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