What sets me apart is that. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I’m not just talking about I actually lived it and I have an understanding of what these kids go through—day to day.

Partice Griffin, author The Unconscious Community

Child sexual abuse is a universal problem with grave life-long outcomes.The WHO in 2002 estimated that 73 million boys and 150 million girls under the age of 18 years had experienced various forms of sexual violence.

This blog is about a disabled US army veteran, Patrice Griffin who is a survivor of sexual abuse, founder of a NGO ‘Patrice’s Kids Inc., and an author. Patrice’s life has always been in troubles. When a boy or a girl enjoys in schools, Patrice were tortured physically or mentally.

Patrice Griffin

Terrible Childhood of Patrice

At the age of innocence and learning, Patrice was sexually abused from the age of 8-18 by her cousin, a math tutor, and several other males that she thought would protect her.

Childhood pic of Patrice

Patrice’s female cousin molested her from age 8-12. She used to abuse her in her room when her parents were asleep. when. She were told not to tell, and she listened. When she turned 12, her cousin realized what she was doing wrong and she stopped. Patrice says: “I think I became old for her.” When she was 10, her math tutor abused her and it continued for a year. He was 40 years old. Later, 7 more men sexually abused her.

The road to recovery has not been easy dealing with PTSD, homelessness, and depression among other things. Through therapy, medication, and support, it has helped to control these symptoms. I’m healing and growing every day.

Patrice Griffin

Founder of an NGO Patrice’s Kids Inc.

Patrice was blaming herself for everything but through therapies and medications, she accepted that she was not responsible. Then, she started accepting and shared her experiences with people. She started an NGO in Texas and began to spread awareness to save other children from the grip of abusers.

We focus on bringing awareness to child sexual abuse. We focus on signs and symptoms of sexual abuse. Now, I am extremely happy and satisfied that I am helping other kids and saving their childhood.

The Unconscious Community: A Book written by her on her journey as a sexual Abuse Survivor

She wrote a book about her life called, “The Unconscious Community” , to let survivors know that they aren’t alone and they can still find success and joy in life! She says: “I’m living out my passion, making sure that I do anything I can to prevent another child from being scarred.

Through her book, she gives the message that none of the abuse was ever your fault. It is the fault of the perpetrator.

Take professional help as soon as possible and work on healing. It is a long road ahead of you. Don’t let any one subjugate you.

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