In India, Transgender Women are considered as ‘hijra’, but they are a different group. I am a transgender woman. I am educated. I am a Tattoo Artist. I carry iPhone.

Akshay Jill

Bruna, 27 years old is now living her life as a transgender woman. She is an exemplary for thousands of people who are still struggling for accepting the way they are.

Journey from Akshay to Bruna

When Bruna was 12 years old, she came to know that she has a feminine side too. But, this little boy was unaware about the society.

When my mom used to step out, I used to wear her Saree. Those times, I didn’t know why I am attracted towards such things. Bas mujhe yeh pata tha ki mujhe ye sab karna accha lagta tha.


Till the age of 25, she grew up as a boy without revealing her identity. Bruna’s father was an orthodox. After his death in 2018, he decided to tell his family for living his life the way he wanted to be.

I spent my childhood and teenage as a boy but everyday when I used to sleep, I used to imagine if I were a woman how would I behave. This habit of imagination controlled my emotions until I was 25.

One day, she told her mother who was against of her decision of living as a transgender woman. It is difficult for her to accept her son as a woman. His brother who is four years younger to Bruna, her cousins, friends and colleagues accepted her without any criticism.

It was difficult for me to confess but I was tired of being pretending as a boy. Thus, one day, I went to Goa for a week where I lived as a girl which made me realize that what really I am.

Bruna has done masters in Mass Communication, has worked as a Graphic Designer. Currently, working as a Tattoo Artist. She is enjoying both the energies inside her- the masculine and feminine energy. She has seen many people who lambasted her but “once you accept who you are, it doesn’t matter how people look at you”

Bruna (a Tattoo Artist)

Through her inspiring story, Bruna becomes the voice of tens of thousands of transgender who are not appreciated and sometimes not even considered as a human. The team of If They Can You Can salute you for your bravery and courage.

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