“I am earning my own livelihood and improving the livelihood of others which is the real satisfaction and happiness”

Tarun Mapara

Tarun Mapara, the co-founder of the Sprihaat which provides farm-fresh milk and dairy products through an app interface. It also provides fodder to many dairy farms in an affordable rate. There are 75 millions dairy farms in India but are they really changing the lives of people associated with it ?

Tarun started his career working in the most interior rural villages of India that gave him an understanding of livelihoods and difficulties of farmers. He observed that due to inadequate market linkages, the proportion of agriculture is only 15-16 GDP while almost half of the working population of India is engaged in it.

Tarun also realized that dairy farms are under tremendous stress and face multiple challanges from procuring quality fodder and feed to selling their production at an appropriate price. Se

Tarun Mapara

The Production of Fodder Changing the Lives of Farmers

Sprihaat has changed the lives of thousands of farmers by cultivate fodder and then buying it at a price which give these farmers almost 40-50% more income than what they has been getting from traditional farming. The crop is harvested and harvested at the farmers’s fields. They accounting and payment process done transparently. Through their works, many lives of the farmers have changed positively.

Through our work we have changed the lives of almost 800 farmers. They are getting one and half times better than before. They are so happy with the outcomes that now, they want to open their own dairy farms.

Tarun Mapara

App Services in Rourkela

Sprihaat is the only company in Rourkela, Odisha that provides farm-fresh milk through an android application. This app based company buys the packets of milk from the selected dairy farms which maintain the quality and deliver to their customers within twenty four hours of milking.

Sprihaat’s milk and milk products are free of any adulteration and are freshest and most hygienic dairy products available to its customers. As of today, Sprihaat delivers milk to 600 customers daily and the numbers are growing every day. Sprihaat is already present in 4 towns and has partnered with 2 dairy farms in western Odisha.

We are getting calls from dairy farmers in Indore, Bhopal & NCR who want to partner with us. They are seeking our help in not just selling their milk, but also sourcing best quality fodder at reasonable rates. There are farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat who want to work with us on growing fodder and setup village-level silage enterprises. We are doing our best to help them achieve their goals of living prosperous lives.

In Tarun’s interview with ‘If They Can You Can’, he shares his dream where most of the milk in India is produced at farms where highest levels of hygiene practices are followed, and cows are kept in a comfortable and healthy environment. He feels that it is every consumer’s right to have farm-fresh milk, which is free of contamination and adulteration.

I want a dairy farm where animals are kept very well and there should be no hanky-panky. Milk should not be contaminated. It will give more employment to the farmers.

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