Don’t set deadlines for your dream that ” ek saal tak dekhunga or dekhungi.” I was teaching French to pay my bills. It is always good to do other things also. I never did parties. I have never been friendly with people. I got my work only through my auditions.

Rumana Molla

Rumana Amolla is a well-known celebrity in Bollywood. She has worked in various movies and series. But, behind every successful story, there is another story too, which has many tales of struggles, hard work, and Passion.

Rumana Amolla was born in West Virginia in the U.S but her family moved to Belgium when she was only six years old.

Rumana Amolla

Her Journey of Becoming an Actress

Her decision of becoming an actress was challenging for her and her mother. Both of them had no connection with India and had no friends and relatives living in that country. Thus, her decision was the cause of worry for Rumana’s mother but she was determined.

Convincing my mother was difficult. My mother didn’t have any acquaintances in India. My mom was worried about me. But I knew what I wanted.

Rumana came to India in 2010 and stayed in Mumbai. She joined AAFT, an institute of acting in Delhi. She had done many other acting courses which introduced her to many people.

Though she had done many courses and polished her skill, however, she didn’t get any project. All her savings were almost spent in her house rent and traveling. Her visa was also about to expire. After a lot of struggle, she got her first project “Mad for Pogo” which was a kid show.

I had only three to four thousand rupees in my pocket but I didn’t give up. I finally got a project and an employment visa too.

She had to go back to Belgium as she didn’t get any project after that and had financial issues. She joined the Coco-cola company in Belgium and saved enough money to come back to India. She again came back to India but the situation was the same and this time, she finally decided to leave her dream of becoming an actress. She went back to Belgium and started a 9 to 5 job in a reputed company.

I was earning good but it wasn’t pleasant. My life was unfulfilling. I realized that I can’t give up. I again came back to Mumbai because I knew what I really want with my life.

Rumana’s attitude of not giving up brought success in her lap. She got a movie Iraada and Pyar Ka Panchanama 2. She is continuously working for her upcoming films. Other than these, she has worked in many web series too.

If you are really passionate about your dream then your journey of life becomes easy. Be passionate. Always learn new things. Don’t follow what people say.

Thank you Rumana Amolla for sharing the story of your life with If They Can You Can. It is truly heartwarming to know how would it be difficult to work in another country where you don’t have any acquaintances and to set herself successfully even after so many failures. You are truly a hero.

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