Jindagi ek safar hai suhana, Yaha Kal kya ho kisne Jaana. Isliye muskurate raho, haste hasate raho. This is what I learned and still learning. Catch every beautiful moment and act like a bridge for connecting with people in spreading happiness and positivity.

Shubham Maheshwari, founder of Being Chef

Everyone knows that Maggie can’t be cooked in two minutes but the founder of a leading company ‘Being Chef’, Shubham Maheshwari takes a guarantee of cooking food in just 5 minutes. He has won several awards for his incredible idea of 5 min. cooking.

Shubham Maheshwari
CEO Of Being Chef and one of the founders of People For People

People for People

But as a blogger, what influenced me about Shubham is his efforts for bringing smiles on hundreds of faces despite his busy schedules. He is one of the founders of an NGO, People for People that work for needy.

Since his college days, Shubham was active in social causes and began to involve other NGOs with his cause. Fortunately, his work was silently observed and he was honored with Youth Change Maker Award in 2010.

Shubham Maheshwari with his other core members of PFP

He had also represented Rajasthan in the movement of India Against Corruption. He was merely twenty years old when he was asked to address the crowd of 70 thousand people, that incident changed his life and gave him immense confidence.

His love for society and his countrymen was always chasing him wherever he used to go. Core members of the People for People have been moved to various parts of India and but are working from their city.

Earlier, we had a helpline number too. But, now we are working as a bridge. We listen to the query and then connect people to respective NGOs. We are active in Blood Donation Drive. I have also donated blood and platelets several times and motivates others too.

Shubham Maheshwari
Donating Platelates

Shumbham shares his journey how he shifted from Jaipur to Gurugram after getting the proposal of a reputable Job. His journey begins as an entrepreneur when he realized cooking a meal is not a cakewalk. Then the idea of 5 min. cooking came into his mind.

After living alone, I realized how ungrateful I had been towards my mother and sister. Cooking food is not easy. Thus, an idea originated Jisse hum ghar baithe logo se 5 Min. mai khana banvale.

In the initial stage, no one took his idea seriously but he was adamant. In just three months, he came with the process that can give healthy, and fresh food which could be cooked without even adding ghee/oil, which he calls DIY Food.

His company has won the award Transformation of the Year organized by Amazon. His company was also nominated for Smart 50 and his company was the only food company that was selected. The Govt. of India has also appreciated it.

Receiving the award Transformation of the Year

The Journey of Shubham Maheshwari teaches the art of being humble and generous. The team of If They Can You Can congratulate him for his incredible work for humanity.

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