There is a Durga inside every woman. In the Hindu religion, goddesses are shown with various hands while male Gods have only two. A Woman has the capability of doing various things at the same time.

Jigna Mehta, CEO & Founder of Jigna’s Homemade Syrup

Fortunately, we are living in modern times where we have many inspiring people around us especially women. Now, women are stepping out from their comforts and proving themselves and making their own identity.

Jigna Mehta is one of the inspiring women who made her own identity. She is not less than a superwoman who becomes an entrepreneur at the age of 41.

Jigna Mehta
Jigna Mehta

What inspired a Homemaker to Start her Business

In 2017, Jigna Mehta started her business Jigna’s Homemade Syrup. Jigna always wanted people to know her with her name. It was not easy for Jigna to become an entrepreneur. Earlier, she used to hesitate even in the company of ten people, but this time, she had to stand among the competitors of big companies.

The thought of independent identity always used to trigger me. My husband supported me and my son taught me how to use social media.

The Story of Her Success

Companies which are in the market for the last 50 years were her competitors. It was difficult for her to convince people regarding the quality of the products but she didn’t give up. Initially, she started with 8 flavours. Currently, there are 35 flavours and most selling products are; Mava Malai, Masala Kokum, Rajbhog, Herbal Delight, Lemon Ginger, Red Peru, and many more.

Jigna's syrup
Jigna’s Homemade Syrup

Jigna Mehta gives the assurance that their syrups are completely natural, and healthy. Jigna’s Homemade Syrup is the best household name in the refreshment beverages which not only tickles tastebuds but also take care of throats as they are chemical-free homemade syrups. Till today, she makes all the syrup at home and maintains the quality of all the products.

Now, my products are sold in various parts of India. My clients are satisfied with the quality of the syrup. I have also given employment to two women which gives me great satisfaction.

She has won many awards including ‘National Women Leadership Award’, ‘Queen of ArtiSTREE‘, ‘Mompreneur Icon, Hastaksharr Brand Excellence Award and many others. She was also interviewed on ‘98.3 Radio Mirchi‘.

Jigna Mehta’s story is an inspiration for thousands of homemaker who wants their own identity but don’t have the courage to shatter all the boundaries. Thank you Jigna Mehta for sharing your story.