“Almost every one of us will be permanently or temporarily disabled at some point in life.”

Margarat Chan

15% of the world population experience significant disabilities. Nearly one in 7 people on earth are disabled. Most of them do not get basic facilities due to poverty, or lack of education. Generally, we show sympathy and pity towards differently-abled people, but hardly we do something for their upliftment.

Alina Alam, 25 years old had started Mitti Cafe in November 2017. The cafe distinguishes itself from others as it is only run by employees with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

Alina Alam, founder of Mitti Cafe
Alina Alam with her employees

Initially, it wasn’t easy for her and no one took her idea seriously, but she has the habit of not giving up. She went house to house, shop to shop to find out about disabled people.

We started our first cafe in a tin shed with one employee Kirti, who was suffering from Paraplegic. She came crawling all the way as she could not afford even a wheelchair. Earlier, she wasn’t even able to hold a cup, but now she manages the team of seven disabled.

Alina Alam
Alina Alam with Kirti

Mitti Cafe started three years ago, is applauded by various people for its unique idea and inspirational step for uplifting the society. Alima Alan is listed in Forbes 30 Under 30, she has also been the TedX speaker. she has received many awards as a social entrepreneur.

Currently, there are 12 Mitti Cafes in India and managed by only differently-abled people. Most of them are only earning member of their families.

“From cooking to cleaning, everything is managed by them only. Hum to bas khana khane jaate hai.”

Alina Alam
Employees of Mitti cafe

Apart from cafes, it is also continuously helping people during the lockdown. Till June 2020, they have served food to millions of people. For their support, donate them on https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-mitti-cafe

Real-life heroes like Alina Alam become the cause of happiness especially for such people who are one of the most marginalized sections of the society. Alina wants people to come together as a family and help each other.

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