Generally, we blame “we don’t have time”, “we do 9 to 5 job”, “I have family responsibility” but this man works in the renowned company yet founded an organisation that works for needy and also have a team of a large number of volunteers.

In 2018, Rajesh Kataria attended a wedding where he saw a large quantity of leftover food. It gave him the vision for the foundation of “Dana Pani-Sabke Liye Foundation”.

helps poor
Rajesh Kataria, the founder of Dana Pani

On 22 April 2018, Rajesh with his team; Meena Bhandari, Rahul Kataria, Saurabh Jadoun, Harish Kumar, Yogesh Joshi and Rohit Singh founded the ‘Dana Pani’ organisation in Delhi.

They searched for such places where people need help. Initially, they began with the distributions of food but later they started to provide other essential requirements such as clothes, footwear, shelter, and education.

School for Pakistani Refugees

The team of Daana Pani opened a school “Unnati Ki Ore” behind Majlis Park Metro Station, Delhi. They are educating more than 300 children of the nearby slum areas. Most of these children are Pakistani refugees whose families came from Pakistan.

They came from Pakistan on pilgrimage visa but didn’t go back. They shared how they were violated, how women of their families were sexually assaulted, and how they were forced to change their religion by Pakistanis.

Rajesh Kataria

It wasn’t easy to educate these children as they understand neither Hindi nor English. They are taught through games and other creative activities by talented volunteers; Aditya Yadav, Sonia Maken, Hari Pratap, Kavita Punj, Tabbasum Khatun, Shivani Gupta, Kritika, Sanjay Sharma, Shrishti, Manisha, Anchal, Ruchika and others.

There was no awareness of education in their families. They even didn’t know how to do their daily routine works. “Kuch logo ne to do saal se haircut tak ni karaya tha.”

Students of Paathshala

Provides Shelter to Old People

Apart from food, and education, the team of Dana Pani provides shelter to old people. They safely take them to an old age home ASRA Vrid Ashram and regularly meet them.

One of our volunteers watched the news of a Hockey player, Amarjeet Singh Rana who had been a national hockey player. He was living his life on the footpath. People used to come and take selfies with him but no one helped him. We took him to the old age home and now he is at a better place than before.

Amarjeet Singh Rana
Amarjeet Singh Rana

The Team of Dana Pani Sells Happiness

  • They provide clothes and Footwears.
  • They teach Karate to the girls of “Paathshala”.
  • They regularly take children to McDonald and other restaurants to bring smiles on their faces
  • They aware poor people about other sources of income.
  • Running a campaign “Raddi se Rozgaar” to empower underprivileged women.
  • During Lockdown, this organisation is continuously providing ration to needy.
Food distribution during lockdown

As a blogger, I have written about various people who provide food, education and other services but it’s rare to find such people like Rajesh Kataria and Meena Bhandari who help others in every way which is possible.

Thank you the team of Dana Pani for your continuous work for the country and its people. During Lockdown, when people avoided step out, your team came forward to help needy, by risking with their own lives.

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