Recently, I lost my father and my brother who were the closest to my heart. Life is too short. So, not only feed your body but also to your soul. Help others.

Pushpa Preeya

She believes that good work is not limited by rich and poor but it requires courage, noble vision, and passion. Pushpa Preeya is awarded “Nari Shakti Puruskar” on International Women’s Day in 2018 for her work as a Scribe (A person who writes for disabled).

Pushpa Preeya with disabled
Pushpa Preeya

Her Journey is not the Bed of Roses

Since her childhood days, she always faced a financial crisis. Completion of her education was also not easy for her. She even wasn’t able to pay for her school and college fees. But did she ever give up, got demotivated, and complained to almighty? No, she always has been grateful for what she has.

Scribe is not her Profession but her Passion

She used to work in an organization “Samartha” that works for blind people. One of his friends asked her to write for disabled people and that was the turning point of her life. Till May 2020, she has written more than 875 exams.

I have written an exam for a beggar too. I found him out of one of the garment stores of Bengaluru. When I went with him to college, he wasn’t treated like other students. We were asked to sit in the corridor but I didn’t mind to sit with him. It was a privileged to write for him”

She writes for people who are Blind, have Cerebral Palsy, Mentally Challenged, and who are injured due to severe accident. Surprisingly, she doesn’t charge a single penny for her work as a scribe.

I got my education after a lot of struggles and that made me understood the value of education. I never earned money from this. Even today, I work hard to earn money.

Pushpa Preeya with a student

Not only writing for “differently-abled” but she also motivates people for blood donation through her Facebook page “We Help India”, to Provide Donors. She is a lady with a huge heart who knows the real meaning of humanity.

I wake up daily with one mission to bring a smile on people’s faces. I read about people who feed hundreds of people daily, but if you can’t, then feed only one; that is enough. Daily, I make one extra meal and give it to a needy and I am doing it for decades.

Awarded by The President of India

Her journey from her childhood to be the nation’s pride has been inspiring and emotional. She never thought of making money by writing for the disabled in spite of her poor financial condition. Pushpa Preeya’s journey teaches us that life throws us to the desert but how we turn into dessert depends on us.

You are one of the best examples of Women Empowerment. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a real hero.

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