Every woman has the right to bleed with dignity. They should proudly discuss their menstruation cycle with friends, father and brother. A young generation can change the world and create a better world for the women of the next generation.

Chitransh Saxena, founder of ‘My PADBANK’

Hello women, can you talk about your periods with your brother and father? Hello men, can you discuss menstruation cycle with your sister and mother? Can you click your picture with sanitary pads? During menstruation, do women of your family wash their utensils separately, can they enter into the kitchen? are they not touched by other people of the family due to the fear of impurity?

Recently, you read about Roti Bank but have you ever heard about PADBANK? Let’s know the interesting and inspiring story of My PADBANK.

Founder of PADBANK

Chitransh Saxena, 26 years old recalls his school days when his friends used to giggle on menstruation topic now they feel proud of Chitransh and his wonderful idea of My PADBANK.

Team which is working against Menstruation Myth
Chitransh Saksena with his team

A Positive Idea for Breaking Menstruation Myth

During his college days, Chitransh used to keenly observe the lives of people living in slum areas and lives of women around him. His research on women shocked him that only 36% of women use Sanitary napkins in India and the rest of them use clothes which are unhygienic and that inspired him to start My PADBANK organisation for providing free sanitary napkins to the undeveloped areas of Bareilly and its nearby areas.

Currently, 160 women are getting free pads monthly. The organisation has also done 10 workshops and 20 menstruation awareness programs in schools, colleges, and slum areas. 8135 women have attended their sessions till May 2020.

Along with free sanitary napkins, we’ve also been taking training and awareness sessions in different schools and institutions of the city to educate the youth including both, boys as well as girls to break the taboo by discussing this topic

How does “My PADBANK” Work?

In 2018, Chitransh started donating free sanitary napkins to underprivileged women of the society. initially, he used to go to slum areas to distribute them pads but he realised that they need awareness too. For them: “It is a disease and it is shameful to talk about it”

There are various incidents where women and their family members mistreated with us. They couldn’t accept how a man could talk about menstruation and giving sanitary napkins. Most of the women wanted us to come between 11 am to 4 pm when men of their families are not at home.

Chitransh Saxsena providing free pads
Distributing free sanitary Napkins

Passbook for Menstruation Cycle

The team of My PADBANK innovated the unique idea of making passbook for recording the menstruation cycle of women who get free sanitary napkins from My PADBANK.

passbook for menstruation cycle
Passbook for recording menstruation cycle

Not only women but also men should support this cause “right to bleed with dignity.” I will work hard until every Indian woman begins to use sanitary napkins and could talk about it shamelessly.

Awards and Recognition

He has won Limca Book of Records in Feb 2020 for Making Largest Sanitary Pad in the country, Karamveer Chakra Award at IIT Delhi in Oct 2019, Unsung Hero from Gramalaya NGO at MHM Summit 2019 and many other prestigious awards.

PADBANK providing free pads
Receiving monthly packets of pads

The story of Chitransh Saxena breaks the menstruation myth by overtly talking about periods and distributing free sanitary napkins. His awareness programs have changed various lives and perspectives. He has also motivated other males of the society that menstruations could be discussed with women.

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