“Here I am. I claim my humanity with no fear and no limits. Here I am.” Oprah Winfrey

Our every morning begins with reading a newspaper that mostly talks about crime, violence, and tragic events but heroic stories are given a little space in a newspaper. Fortunately, our real heroes don’t seek recognition and only believe in helping others such as free food, donation of clothes, free education and others.

The man behind a noble work of free food for the poor

Akshay Joshi, the founder of Roti Bank Indore is not widely appreciated but his inspirational story could move anyone’s heart. He is a man of a great soul who only believes in giving love and selfless service to others. His free food delivery service for the poor makes him a real hero.

free food for the poor
Distributing free food outside of M.Y Hospital, Indore

In 2014, He came to Indore from his native place Barwaha, MP. His office was opposite to Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital, where he regularly used to go for blood donation. This hospital is the largest government hospital of Madhya Pradesh.

“People who couldn’t afford a hundred rupees fee come to this hospital. If there are 2000 beds, the patient would be 5000. The poor condition of people moved my heart and my father also asked me to do community service.”

Akshay Joshi

Beginning of Indore Roti Bank- Free Food Delivery

In 2014, He started with Khichdi distributions which were distributed in M.Y Hospital. In 2015, He installed fifteen “Roti Donation Box” at different places of Indore where people used to give 3-4 chapattis daily. Approximately, 4000-5000 chapattis were collected and distributed daily.

distribution of food
Free food delivery by Indore Roti Bank

Later, a kitchen was set up where a lady cooks food for 1000 people daily.

a kitchen where food is cooked for for the poor
Kitchen where free food is cooked

Raised funds on Birthdays and other occasions for free food

We took the help of our FB page “Indore Roti Bank” through which we collect our fund for daily expenses. I have a team of sixteen volunteers who works with me and there are 450 people who help me financially who are our community helpers. We also motivate people to donate on their special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, shraadh and other occasions.”

free Meal distribution
free food delivery

Free meal during lockdown

During Covid-19, Indore Roti Bank is providing food to 3200 people daily. Not only the patient and their families but also people of Juggi Jhopdi (slum areas) are provided food.

Apart from food, Indore Roti Bank collects old clothes from door to door and distribute among needy. They also collect leftover food from the wedding and other parties and distribute in nearby slum areas but not to patients.

free ration during COVID-19
Free food delivery to 3200 people during COVID-19

Akshay Joshi didn’t go to his house since lockdown. We should say thanks to our coronavirus helpers who work for others by putting their lives on risk.

sometimes a picture speaks more than words

The Continuous work of Akshay Joshi without expecting any recognition moved my heart. Thank you coronavirus helpers for free food for the poor during difficult times. He provides not only free food but also clothes, footwear, and other essential things to people. As a citizen of India, we proud of him who wakes up for people, thinks for people and dreams only for people.