When will you get married? Why don’t you have a permanent job? Look at others, how successful they are? When will you understand your responsibility? Unfortunately, such questions are always faced by everyone.

At the age of 25 or 26, all of us worry about our career but an enthusiastic Young man, Amit Bansal, founded a learning centre in Delhi “Khoj Basti” with his five fellows; Ashish Singh, Abhijit Singh, Sakshi Sharma, Shivakshi Bhattacharya and Isha Kala.

The team of ‘Khoj Basti’ continuously work hard for the education of the underprivileged student. Currently, there are 300 students who are enjoying their services without paying a single penny.

Weekly Classes in Learning Center “Khoj Basti”

Working in a few NGOs inspired Amit Bansal to work in the education sector for the better future of his country. He says: “After my graduation, I worked for LG Electronics for two years but it didn’t satisfy me as there was always thought of doing something for the education of such people who couldn’t afford it and I left my job and joined Teach for India organisation in 2018.”

His thrust for teaching didn’t satisfy him even after joining Teach for India where he used to teach 65 girls. During his experiences of teaching, he noticed only 175-180 days schools are open while other days remain closed due to holidays.

Amit Bansal discussed with his group about increasing learning hours of students. That was the beginning of learning centre “Khoj Basti” located in Delhi.

“The purpose of the opening learning centre is enhancing the exposure of students through various creative activities. We regularly organise conferences, activities, weekly classes, and awareness programs”, Amit Bansal says.

Self Awareness Program
Competition organised by the team of ‘Khoj Basti’

Apart from education, their team is also helping families of the students who are largely affected by COVID-19. They provide ration and other essential things to help people who are often dependent on daily wages.

People like Amit Bansal makes our beliefs stronger on humanity, thus such people need recognition so that they could reach to more people and people could reach to them.